Adventures in Europe

Saturday, November 25, 2006

So here are just some kind of random pictures of the past few weeks. Things are going good here and I have less than 2 months left! CRAZY! I still have a lot trips to plan and places to go though! We are going to Paris, Berlin, Prague, and Rome! I can't wait! School is okay, but I don't really like it that's school! But the weather has been nice the past few days, so I'm just enjoying it and praying that it will last! I hate riding my bike in the rain and wind so much! I just love my car and I appreciate it so much more now! But everything else is good and I am happy and enjoying Europe. I'm sure before I know it, I will be back home again! It's a little sad that I'm missing the holidays and I was pretty homesick on Thanksgiving because they don't do anything here, but it's okay, I'll be home next year! The Hague temple! I went with the ward on Saturday and it was beautiful. It was small, but very nice and I'm really glad that I got to go. Me in front of the temple.

This is Meredith from USU. She just got here and she's a cutie and we've been making a lot of travel plans! Here is me and Chris at a basketball game. It was awhile ago, but it was fun!
These were some street performers. They were kinda creepy, but really cool.
More pictures of millions of bikes! This is at the Central Station. They have underground bike parking! I've never seen so many bikes before!



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