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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


In the Netherlands, they celebrate Sinterklaas on December 5. On Saturday, they had a huge party in Groningen when Sinterklaas came to the city. The story says that he sails to the Netherlands from Spain and his helpers are called “Black Petes. So when he comes to the city, he comes on a boat in the canals and all his helpers are running around and stuff. So sat he came to Groningen, and we went and watched the boat procession. It was so fun and awesome and all the little kids were dressed up like “Black Petes. I loved it! Then later, there was a big parade in the city and Sinterklaas came in on his white horse! It was great!This is a cute little boy who was dressed up like a black pete! This is the parade in the city before Sinterklaas came.
Black Petes handing out candy to kids.
Sinterklaas on his white horse coming into the city.
There was an elephant in the procession! There was also black petes riding camels and herding sheep! It was nuts.

More little kids dressed up. Almost every little kid was dressed up.
One of the black petes in the canal boat procession. The kids gave the black petes their pictures and letters to give to Sinterklaas. It was so cute!
There is Sinterklaas on his boat with all the black petes.
Black petes on the top of the boat.
All the people on the other side of the canal watching the boats go by.


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Hays-These are sooo cool! Wow-how fun is Christmas going to be over there??? But we'll miss you sooo much! Mom

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