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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

German Christmas Market

Saturday I went to Oldenburg, Germany with a bunch of other students for the German Christmas market. It was only about an hour and a half bus ride from Groningen and it was a lot of fun. It felt much more like Christmas and luckily it was a beautiful day with no rain! We wandered in all the shops and around the market all day. We ate tons of food (I had some German sausage!), and delicious treats and then came back Saturday night. It was really tons of fun and I'm glad that we went!They were playing Christmas music in the middle of all the busy people doing Christmas shopping. People enjoying their hot wine or hot chocolate at one of the little shops in the Christmas market.
The market at night with all the lights. It was amazing.
All the lights in the city.
This is the sweetest picture! There was TONS of delicious candies and chocolates and this little boy was just watching so intently, I loved it!
This is a huge traditional Christmas Pyramid. They light candles and the smoke makes the windmill turn and the wooden people inside turn around. They were selling misteltoe! How cute!
I think this was a family. They were making everything by hand-the chocolate covered fruits, and candies, and this man was making cookies.

Allison buying something at one of the little shops.
Beeswax candles in all kinds of shapes and sizes and designs.
This is one of the many candie shops selling all kinds of delicious treats.
Here we are enjoying hot Christmas wine (and hot chocolate)! We got to keep the mugs!

This is what all the little shops looked like. It was so festive and holidayish and great.

The church in the center of the market.
Here is me with the market and the church in the background.

The busy city center of Oldenburg. I loved the huge Christmas tree.
Gaby, me, Allison and Penny when we got off the bus in Germany. It was cold!


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