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Monday, January 15, 2007

Zeddam, Netherlands

So I only have 2 weeks left here in Holland! I can't believe how fast time flies! It seems like just barely when I was planning and counting down the days until I came, and now I'm almost done! But it has been fun and I'm ready to come home. So last weekend, I went to Zeddam, Netherlands with my project group for school. We are doing a project on the law firm of Tim's (guy in my group) dad and we had to go there this weekend to interview the staff. We stayed at Tim's house and it was awesome. It was huge and so nice and in a cute little Dutch village in the south of Holland. We went for a walk in the center of the town and we walked around this big castle and it was really nice.
Tim's house in Zeddam, Netherlands.
This is the pool. I've never seen someone who has a pool in Holland! Tim's backyard with a huge yard and garden and fountain. This is the castle that we went to. We walked all around and it was really beautiful.

Pictures of the quaint little Dutch village.That is the oldest windmill in Holland (apparantly...)

More cute pictures, these are really typically Dutch houses and gardens and everything.

The grass is always green in Holland.

This is an old church next to a cemetery.


Blogger A Touch of Dutch said...

I stumbled upon your blog via Google [images of Dutch houses] and thought I must at least leave a comment because I absolutely love your pictures. I feel so nosy browsing through them, but honestly they are lovely.

I'm an American and have been living/working in the Netherlands for 7 years. I love to see the way other Americans view it here and have a blog of my own about life here.

Anyway. Enough of me! Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

Take care!

5:00 AM  

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